Erie natives discusses struggles and pain while suffering from COVID-19

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We are now beginning to hear some of the stories of COVID-19 survivors who grew up in Erie. One man just found out that he is COVID-19 positive as well as a woman who moved to Philadelphia.

Kevin-John Jobczynski now lives and works in Florida. He is well known for his artwork with Disney and NFL. He says back in February, he started dealing with extreme fatigue.

“I was down. This is a brutal, brutal virus. I mean, I am a pretty strong person but it really took me down. After eight weeks, I’m just now starting to recover.” Jobczynski said.

Jobczynski says he checked into the hospital in early March with bronchial failure and they treated him as if he did have COVID-19. He has been home since then and he’s been self-quarantining and is just now recovering from his symptoms. After eight weeks, he was finally able to get tested and found out Thursday that he is in fact COVID-19 positive.

Jobczynski says that he is not surprised with the COVID-19 diagnosis because he has been dealing with respiratory issues and he lives with an autoimmune disease.

“I am glad that I am on the back end of this. This terror of going through it eight weeks ago, especially since no one was talking about this yet.”

Jobczynski says that doctors don’t know where he is int he process. But, he will find out next week about any further treatment. He is currently taking eight different medications for COVID-19.

Molly Martin grew up in Erie but now lives in the Philadelphia area. She was also diagnosed with COVID-19 along with her fiance, a doctor. They spent two weeks quarantining in their apartment. She says the symptoms were very mild.

“So, we are both cleared by our family doctor and Jimmy has since returned to work at the hospital, my full time job, I actually work in health care safety and technology, so I am currently working from home. We are both passed our quarantine.” Martin said.

Martin says that she volunteers with an organization that buys and delivers protection equipment to front line workers in our area.

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