There’s an initiative to help homeless veterans in the region.

Several organizations are partnering to create tiny homes for veterans at the Erie Sports Center on Oliver Road.

Soon housing will be built next to the facility to house local veterans.  It’s a partnership between Erie Sports Center, Bookwell Travel and Veterans Miracle Center Erie.

The goal is to address veteran housing, hunger and joblessness; 20 tiny homes and a greenhouse will be built next to the Erie Sports Center next year.

Veterans will be given an opportunity to work in the greenhouse and grow fresh produce. They will also be connected with jobs at the Erie Sports Center.

“It’s another way of us giving back to the community. Obviously the veterans are a special part of the community. They have sacrificed a lot for their country. So the ability for us to make a connection between helping them with homes, jobs, integrating them back into society, and giving them a purpose to help coach with some of our younger athletes, it ticks all the boxes for us” said Troy Bingham, owner, Erie Sports Center.

Bingham told us about 15 to 20 veterans will be needed to help look after the 2-acre greenhouse and the produce. Veterans with athletic backgrounds will also have the opportunity at the end of their work day to help coach some of the football, basketball, baseball, and soccer teams at the Erie Sports Center.

Once the permits are in place, they expect to break ground this winter or early in the spring of 2023. The tiny homes will be manufactured and then delivered in the spring, early summer of next year.

The hope is veterans will be able to move in to those homes by the end of 2023.