Erie Philharmonic adapts to COVID-19 changes with online videos

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Many of us are feeling trapped at home these days. The Erie Philharmonic is posting daily videos hoping to cheer up the mood.

It is not every day you get to see the Erie Philharmonic, but now you can watch from the comfort of your own home.

The Erie Philharmonic might have a cure for the stuck at home blues, a new online presence. and feature videos such as members of the orchestra playing music or performing everyday at home activities.

Concert master Ken Johnston explains why.

“It is important to reach out and kind of remind everyone that we are in this together,” said Johnston.

Johnston added that during this global epidemic, there is a reason music is anxiety reducing for everyone.

“Music truly is the universal language. At a time like this, the most shared language we have really is music,” said Johnston.

Excecutive Director Steve Weiser explains why he came up with the idea to upload these videos daily.

“We wanted to find a way to uplift everybody’s spirits. We wanted to tell a funny story, give something that people can look at and laugh and smile about almost like a pleasant distraction,” said Steve Weiser, Executive Director, Erie Philharmonic.

If you enjoyed the videos, you can still purchase tickets for the Erie Philharmonic with performances tentatively starting here at the end of May.

“We’re planning on postponed concerts in late May and early June and then we’re getting ready for our biggest season ever where we move to the Insurance Arena. We’ll be doing 10 concerts in a hockey arena. We are very excited about that,” said Weiser.

Weiser also says that the Philharmonic staff is working remotely and if you call 814-455-1375, you can still get tickets to the upcoming shows.

These performances include Music of the Knights, Beethoven 9, Mary Poppins and many more.

Weiser says staff members have traded in their office phones for personal cell phones so they can answer your questions even if they too are stuck at home.

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