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The Erie Philharmonic gave the New Erie High School the gift of music.  

The Erie Philharmonic bringing in an upright piano for Erie High School this morning.  The piano is from the early 1900’s and the Executive Director of the Philharmonic says is incredible shape.

The piano will go into on of the new music classrooms to give students a chance to work with this piano and music.

Steve Weiser, the Executive Director, says, “Our mission statement whittles down to ‘enrich, entertain and educate. We do the entertain part well, but for us to be able to enrich and actually change people’s lives by doing simple things like this makes it worth everything that we do.”

Harding Elementary School also is receiving a piano from the Philharmonic today and on Monday, the Phil. will continue to give back by donating 85 bookbags filled with school supplies and household items.  Those bags will go to students at the Saint Benedict Center.

They are designed to help the students make the transition from preschool to kindergarten this fall.  “As part of our nationally recognized long term residency in the Fall of 2017,” explains Weiser, “we worked side by side with these students for 60 days.  To be able to offer supplies like this to these students is beyond humbling for us.”

The bags are set to be donated on Monday, August 7th.


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