Erie Police: 3 rollovers in last 10 days

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With the month of May seeing at least five rollover crashes in the City of Erie, Erie Police traffic investigators are reminding drivers to slow down.

The traffic division of the EPD said everything is speed related, and an element of impaired or distracted driving almost always plays a role.

In the last 10 days alone, Sergeant Jeff Annunziata said there have been three rollovers within the city limits.

Sergeant Annunziata said the privilege to drive, and the very act of driving itself, needs to be taken more seriously.

“The average person’s perception-reaction time is a second and a half before they realize that there’s an issue, and if you are going 60 miles an hour, you are almost 100 feet [further] before you realize there is something going on,” said Sgt. Annunziata. “We know the frequency is definitely up: we had three in the last ten days of vehicles rolling over and it’s all related to speed. You are moving a multi-thousand pound object on a roadway. You were given that privilege to drive that vehicle on the road by the state of Pennsylvania – this is not a right granted to you.”

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