Its a new piece of technology that will help the Erie Police Department be able to solve crimes faster and more efficiently.

This comes after the Erie Siebenbuerger Club donated $25,000 to the police department.

Syeda Abbas spoke to the Erie Police about how this will impact the department.

New technology is making solving crimes easier for the Erie Police Department. The new three unit fuming chamber made by Air Science helps get fingerprints on everything like guns, knives, safes, and burglary tools.

“Its great. Its changed a lot for our department. It’s going to speed up the process, give us multiple capabilities. Its going to help us solve crimes a lot faster,” said Chris Crawford, IT Commander, Crime Scene Unit, Erie Police Department.

Each chamber can control the humidity to produce the best conditions to recover fingerprints off of a piece of evidence.

Also new is the process that uses fumes from super glue to locate hidden fingerprints on evidence that dusting powder didn’t always find.

“This is one of the most important aspects to solving these cases. Next to having an eyewitness, it all revolves around collecting evidence,” said Dan Spizarny, Chief, Erie Police Department.

$25,000 from the Erie Siebenbuerger Club helped the police department get this new equipment.

“It’s definitely going to help with the crime within the City of Erie. It’s nice that we’re able, as a club, to make a donation that’s going to help the whole city rather than specific charitable organizations,” said John Crandall, president, Erie Siebenbuerger Club.

The old dark room which had become a storage room is now a processing room with all the equipment in one space.