Erie Police Department host community outreach program for kids

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Kids in the Erie community are getting a chance to know members of the Erie Police Department.

“We do our homework and then they help us,” said Miracle Price. “Some of them are really good at math, like certain subjects.” Eleven-year-old Miracle was one of the many kids who were at the EPD “meet and greet” at the Booker T. Washington center on Monday.

Miracle says she likes getting to know the officers and on Monday she got a chance to meet Mayor Schember. “It’s cool for the mayor to be here because we can ask him like how he’s doing in his job and stuff and how he likes being the mayor,” said Price. 

Nine-year-old Arijana Williams has created a special bond with Officer Sara since the outreach program began. “She always helps with stuff, she always joins in games,” said Arijana. 

This is a continuous program between the Erie Police Department and the community. It has been going strong since the beginning of the school year.

Patrolman Jamie Russo says it took time for the kids to warm up to the officers, but once the kids got more comfortable, they started to build relationships with them.  “They actually get to met us in person and see that we are just like them and everybody else in the community,” said Russo. “Especially, when we’re in regular clothes, it’s a complete different narrative.” 

The Erie Police spend a couple of hours a day each week with the kids from the Booker T. Washington Center. 

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