Erie Police Department sees success through new body camera system

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The Erie Police Department is seeing success through it’s new body camera system.

So far police have only released this video footage that came from a dashboard camera.

According to Chief Dan Spizarny, they are currently working with the District Attorneys office on developing a process to use these videos in court.

In the month of October, there were 4,280 calls to service for the police department. These calls resulted in 9,769 videos.

The chief said that they’re expecting to record over 120,000 videos a year.

According to Chief Spizarny, they have received one complaint about an officer in November and they were successfully able to investigate the situation through video.

“It was an issue that she didn’t think traffic should’ve been stopped. The officer was actually conducting a felony traffic stop for an individual with a suspected gun and we reviewed the video. He absolutely did the proper steps, so we are very happy and believe we will see good things with this camera system,” said Chief Dan Spizarny of the Erie Police Department.

The body camera system used by the police department randomly selects videos for supervisors to look over in order to ensure proper protocol is used.

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