Erie Police have located possible witness in fatal West 8th and Bayfront Pkwy hit and run, still searching for suspected vehicle

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Erie Police have located the witness they believe may have witnessed a deadly hit and run along Erie’s Bayfront Parkway.

According to police, they believe this man was driving a white van when he pulled over to offer assistance following the accident.

The accident claimed the life of 58-year-old Darcy Phillips. Phillips was driving her motorcycle when police believe an older model maroon Toyota Rav 4 struck her.

No word yet on what, if any, assistance the man may have offered.

Meanwhile Erie Police are continuing to ask for the public’s help in their investigation into that fatal accident.

“We may have established facts through our investigation, but one little detail is missing. That one little detail could clearly change the way of our investigation,” said Deputy Chief Mike Nolan, Erie Police Department.

If you have any information regarding the fatal accident that claimed the life of Darcy Philips, you are urged to contact Cpl. Dunmire 870-1171.

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