Erie Police investigate weekend shooting that took place at Uptown Brown’s Bar

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Erie Police are working to figure out what led to a man being shot in the hand inside a local tavern.

Here is what the police know so far in this case.

Residents near the 200 block of East 30th Street said that it was a startling start to their weekend.

“I woke up because I heard someone had a gun in the bar and everyone was running for their lives and then about an hour later I noticed police were raiding the bar and breaking it in,” said Alex Tillman, Concerned Neighbor.

Police said they were first called to Uptown Brown’s Bar in the early hours of Saturday responding to a large fight in the area and a shots fired call.

“People in the bar had locked the doors. They were refusing to corporate. They wouldn’t come to speak to police, so police stood by until most of the crowd left,” said Captain Rick Lorah of the Erie Police Department. .

A call then came into Erie Police that a gunshot victim was at a local hospital. Officers then discovered the shooting was connected to what was happening at the tavern.

“We did find evidence that the shooting happened inside there. Obviously individuals inside there wouldn’t open the doors to the bar, they were being non-compliant. Entry to the bar was made via search warrant to obtain the evidence that was inside,” said Lorah.

As police worked their way to figure out what led to the shooting, neighbors said they hope this leads to something else.

“I hope they shut that bar down or at least change ownership or something and somebody else comes in and not run it as a nuisance bar,” said Tillman.

Erie Police said that before the bar could be shut down, a thorough investigation needs to be done.

“We’ve dealt with a lot of nuisance bars in the past and we’ve successfully been able to shut ones down that were being a nuisance, but we are obviously willing to work with bars. We are not trying to close businesses down, but we are trying to make sure everyone is being safe,” said Lorah.

We reached out to the bar and no one was available to comment at this time.

Investigators are currently reviewing surveillance video from that night.

If you have any information on this situation, you are urged to call police at 870-1120.

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