Erie Police searching for suspect in West 18th and Chestnut Street homicide

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Erie Police are currently searching for a murder suspect in a shooting that left one person dead.

It’s believed the shooter was within a ten foot radius of the victim. Right now, investigators don’t know who it was that pulled the trigger.

Violent crime continues to impact the streets of downtown Erie. The most recent incident claiming the life of a 40-year old man.

“We have young people killing each other out there and the gun violence is something we all have to work together to get a grip on.” said Deputy Chief Mike Nolan.

The victim died from a gunshot wound to the chest, according to the Erie County Coroner. Police are now searching for the killer.

“We don’t know if they knew each other, we don’t know the connection or relationship they may have had. Obviously, it’s a concern because there were a group of individuals hanging out in front of the store, at least one, possibly more were armed and that resulted in somebody being shot and ultimately killed.” Deputy Chief Nolan said.

Combating the issues of gun violence is something that different groups are working on.

“The Blue Coats, the United Clergy of Erie, the African-American Clergy, the NAACP, these groups that are in position now to help assist in this gun violence, because it has to stop. This is senseless and is not good for our community, no good for our town and we have do something to put an end to this senseless violence.” said Michael Outlaw, Community Liaison for the City of Erie.

Others say in order to make a change, people need to learn that its okay to speak up.

“Talk with your neighbors and your family to cooperate and help to provide as much information about these incidents as you can. That’s really the only way that we will stop them.” said Heather Caspar, Sisters of St. Joseph Neighborhood Network.

At this time, police have not arrested or identified any suspects in this case.

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