Erie post office moving operations to Pittsburgh, one of 18 facilities across the country

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The U.S. Postal Service makes a decision that critics say will slow down your mail.

18 mail sorting facilities across the country are being consolidated, including the facility on East 38th Street in Erie.

The post office has announced that they will resume a consolidation of mail sorting facilities that was paused in 2015.

According to the American Postal Workers Union, the plan will mean more delayed mail moving forward.

It also means that Erie’s mail will continue to be processed through Pittsburgh.

“When I have to mail a birthday card to somebody across town, it has to go to Pittsburgh first. So, I guess we just learn to factor that in.” said Mary Rush, a resident of Erie.

“Especially if you’re waiting for something important and you’ve got to wait a few extra days just to get your mail back, that could be a headache.” said Lisa Graham, a resident of Erie.

“It doesn’t really bother me as long as I get my mail on time. It doesn’t bother me as much.” said Debber Murdick, a resident of Erie.

“The fact that they are taking the sorting jobs out of Erie and now our mail is traveling hundreds of miles to make it across the street is ridiculous.” said Bill Wager, a resident of Erie.

Union officials say they have not been told how the changes will impact workers or if the facilities will be “repurposed”

A news release from the USPS outlining the plan says in part:

We will relocate or remove unnecessary letter and flat sorting equipment as appropriate to make space for much needed package processing.

The consolidation is expected to take place by November of this year

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