Erie ranked third slowest-growing city in America

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Erie is being called one of the slowest growing cities in America by a personal finance website, ranked number 515 out of 518.

Erie is being cast in a dim light as a report by WalletHub calls the city the third slowest growing city in the U.S. The report ranking Erie based on population growth, unemployment rate decrease, job growth and more.

“You wonder how much information they are actually getting from on the ground, are they coming up here and looking at the startups they we have?” said Chris Groner, Director of Economic and Community Development for Erie.

Groner says this past year, Erie has seen growth in startups and development projects. “As long as I’ve been managing these loan funds, I’ve never seen a level of activity that I’ve seen in 2018,” said Groner. 

We spoke to some business owners in Erie who tells us despite the report saying Erie’s a slow growing city, they’ve seen growth or steady growing business over the years.

Gene Britten is a sales associate at Achilles Running shop in Erie. He says he’s seen constant growth in customers at the shop over the past two years. “Especially on this side of town, everything’s growing with all the new businesses coming in and none of them are leaving, so it’s kind of a sign they’re being successful,” said Britten.

Allison Gorman owns E. Lane Boutique in Erie. She says business has been steady over the past two years. “Erie’s just starting to get there, it’s just starting to build up and were kind of adding to it… helping it rev up a little,” said Gorman. 

According to the WalletHub report, Erie ranked well below average in ten key categories.  But, officials and business owners hope it’s the report that’s been slow to document the changes in the city of Erie over the past year.

The data used from this report came from statistic from the U.S. Census Bureau, Bureau of Labor Statistics, plus more.

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