Erie reacts to Orlando shooting

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President Barack Obama is calling the mass shooting in Orlando an ‘act of terror.’

The suspect, who was shot and killed by police in Orlando shooting, pledged alliance to IsIs.

Kevin Degan says, “They were helpless what could they do they were trapped in there they couldn’t do anything what are they going to do he’s got a gun they have nothing they’ve been disarmed.”

Jim Breckenridge, dean of Ridge College of Intelligence Studies and Applied Sciences at Mercyhurst University, says he reacted how many others did to the news of the mass shootings at the Orlando nightclub the pulse early Sunday morning.

Breckenridge says, “Like all Americans, you’re shocked. But I think in terms of how we’ve studied this in the past, at least the last 15 years experience, not surprised.”

This the largest mass shooting in American history, carried out by a lone gunman, believe to be Omar Mateen.

Breckenridge says, “You have access to information. You have access to mapping software. You have access to firearms. All those three taken together are a mix. And then you have the inspiration from the radical or in this particular case, it looks like an Islamic group. So those four components lead you in this particular direction.”

John Czech says, Iit sounds almost like a hate crime which not that it makes it any worse but just the fact that that many people were killed senselessly it’s just really upsetting actually.”

Breckenridge says for the nation…

“What we don’t want to do is succumb to terrorism, which is to say we fear going somewhere. We have to act as a nation together to be more secure but not lose our rights to assembly and to free access to where we want to go and what we want to do.”

And as for Erie, he says do not be afraid.

Breckenridge says, “We have extraordinarily competent and well-trained law enforcement officers. But have to also as citizens, if we see something unusual, report it. That makes us more secure.”

Breckenridge says the types of terrorist attacks on American soil are smaller than what you might see internationally.

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