Erie Red Cross prepares to help Florida residents as Hurricane Dorian continues to make its way towards the East Coast

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Hurricane Dorian continues its steady move toward the coastline of Florida, now growing into a category three hurricane with sustained winds of 115 miles per hour.

The storm is still over 400 miles away from the Florida coast, moving at a 10 mile per hour crawl. The forecast right now is calling for Florida landfall between Sunday night and Monday morning with the Bahamas in the storms path right now.

As Florida residents brace for Hurricane Dorian’s impact, Red Cross volunteers in our region are prepared to help when the storm hits.

Florida’s Governor Ron Desantis declared a state of emergency in every county due to the storms uncertain projected path.

As Hurricane Dorian moves closer to Florida, Red Cross volunteers from across America are preparing to go down and help. Even volunteers from our region are pitching in.

“We have 52 counties in Pennsylvania, and eight people already took their job out in the southern state down there,” said Pam Masi, Executive Director, Red Cross, NW PA.

Pam Masi, the Executive Director of the Red Cross in Erie said there is one volunteer from the area who wasn’t able to go to Florida this weekend, but he will try to go out sometime next week.

“So we’re expecting that more will go out and early in the week we’ll find out more as to where it has hit and maybe more calculated where we’re sending people,” said Masi.

We caught up with a former Jet 24 photographer Roger Prehoda who is now living and working in southern Florida.

Prehoda has lived in southern Florida for nearly 30 years. He said it is important for Florida residents to prep early for the storm, because you never know how long supplies will last.

“Water is gone. We were just at a Walmart getting some other types of supplies that we need for what we do, but all the water is gone. There were gas stations around here that were out of gas, but they’ll be restocked because we’re still three days away,” said Roger Prehoda, Florida resident.

Prehoda said its crucial for Florida residents to stock up on supplies for at least 10 days and make sure they are staying safe and are in a secure building.

Some meteorologists are saying Dorian could be the biggest hurricane to hit the Miami area since Hurricane Andrew in 1992.

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