Erie resident completes virtual Boston Marathon

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One Erie resident recently participated in a virtual Boston Marathon race.

Bridget Fetzner ran the required 26.2 miles right here in Erie on Saturday September 12th.

Fetzner qualified for the 2020 Boston Marathon which was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Boston Athletic Association created a virtual race experience so that runners who were registered could compete.

Over 15,000 athletes participated in this virtual event.

Fetzner started running at 6 a.m. on Saturday morning and completed the marathon in three hours thirty eight minutes and fifty six seconds.

Fetzner claimed that she chose a hilly route in Waterford for the added challenge and that she could not have done this without the support from her family and friends.

“My husband is the biggest supporter. He is with me every single day. I run five days a week and he’s with me every single time on the four wheeler or on a bike following me with goes or water or whatever I need. He is my biggest supporter, he is my biggest cheerleader. Today I had my sister with me on the bike and my good friend Sandy from work, she was on the four wheeler as well with my husband so they followed me, kept me going, helped me push through those last couple of miles,” said Fetzner.

The Boston Athletic Association is giving participants until Monday September 14th to complete their marathons.

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