Erie resident react to impeachment hearings

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So what does Erie think about the hearings? Are we even watching?

We got a couple of different opinions from residents when it came to the hearings.

Some of them told us it was a waste of time and others say they are glad the matter is being investigated.

As we head towards another presidential election, some eyes will be watching who Erie county residents vote for.

Some political analysts expect these impeachment hearings will have an impact on the election.

As you would expect, reaction to the hearings depends very much on who you’re asking.

“I hope they get to the bottom of this and I wouldn’t be sad to see him go,” said Mary Harvey, Erie Resident.

Harvey says she’s not a fan of President Trump and she hopes these hearings influence American citizens to not vote for him during the 2020 election.

On the other hand, Jennifer Bennie says these hearings have been very one sided and have favored the Democrats.

“we’re not getting anything impartial right now, so I’ve been avoiding them and just reading the snippets everyday,” said Jennifer Bennie, Erie Resident.

Bennie added these hearings have created a sense of distrust for American politicians.

“The hard part is we don’t have somebody to trust, so we don’t have a candidate across on the democratic side that I do trust,” said Bennie.

While there are some mixed reactions to the hearings, Dr. Joe Morris from Mercyhurst University says some Trump supporters will remain loyal to him no matter what.

“You may recall that back during the 2016 campaign, Donald Trump said that he could pull out a gun and shoot somebody in public and his supporters will still love him and I think that’s true even today,” Dr. Joe Morris, Political Science Chair of Mercyhurst University.

Dr. Morris added regardless of what is discovered during these impeachment proceedings, nearly 35% of American’s will still support President Trump.

These hearings will come tomorrow with new testimony.

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