Erie resident speaking out over increased parking fines

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After an interaction with the city of Erie Police, one woman is speaking out about the concerns she has for the increased parking fines.

Jamilia Gates went to Erie City Council to explain how she was pulled over by police due to the fact that she had multiple parking tickets to which she did not know police could do that to a moving car.

If Ere City Council didn’t know people were upset over parking fee increases before, they know now.

“I asked where does it state in there that this was retro active to tickets that I got before this ordinance was passed. There was no option for a payment plan or option for anything. I had 72 hours for tickets that were from $300 to $400 to now $1,300 with $200 dollars added to the boot.” Gates said.

Gates was told the January 27th boot was due to her unpaid parking tickets The officer telling her she had to either find another ride or walk.

Erie Police Chief Dan Spizarny responded by sending Gates a letter which said in part,

Based upon my review of your file, it would appear that you received over 20 letters informing you that you had 8 unpaid parking violations … I think you would agree that 20 letters was a reasonable attempt to encourage payment.

Not only did the maximum fine go up to $135, but if you have more than three unpaid tickets you could be immobilized.

City Solicitor Ed Betza states that there are police officers out in charge of handling the booting. That car is at risk of being booted.

One city councilwoman explained that not only does this bring concerns to light, but also may call for some change.

“We also need to know are there actual ordinances we may need to change in terms of odd-even parking so that people have an option, so people aren’t getting parking tickets.” said Liz Allen.

Something else council explained they want to look further into is if there is a way to create some form payment plan.

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