Erie residents and city officials are on a mission to reduce crime in Erie

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Some Erie residents are on a mission to make their West Bayfront neighborhoods safer after a spree of violence has left them shaken.

“I’ve been experiencing disturbances in our neighborhood,” said Erie resident Emma Giering.  “And right now, I’m at a point in my life where I have the time and the energy to invest and solve some of these problems.” Giering was at a neighborhood watch group meeting on Tuesday night to discuss ways to reduce crime and violence in the area. “I hope this is something the city will take seriously because I think it’s definitely affecting the population in Erie,” said Giering. 

The Mayor’s office is also on a mission to reduce crime in the area by building a relationship between the community and the police. “We want the community and the police to get to know each other as people and know the police are here to help you and protect you and work with them,” said Mayor Joe Schember. Mayor Schember says crime is down this year, but he and his team want to reduce it even further. “We’re trying to set priorities, what can we do, what activities can we do,” said Mayor Schember. The Mayor’s office currently holds monthly community and police engagement meetings.

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