Erie residents and florists celebrate Mother’s Day

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Erie residents are celebrating Mother’s Day this weekend while buying flowers for loved ones and spending time with family at home.

One mother that we spoke to said that she is adjusting to life at home during this Mother’s Day.

We also spoke to a local florist to find out what sales have been like around Mother’s Day.

Some mothers are spending more time at home with their families during the pandemic.

We spoke to one woman who normally works at the Barber National Institute about what it is like being a full time mother with the whole family in the house all of the time.

“It changes daily to be honest. Some days we’re really on task with schedules and we’re good, and then some days we just take days off cause it’s just been a little weird,” said Lynn Kinnear, Mother of two.

Though it may be strange getting used to this new way of life, Kinnear said it’s made her family grateful to have each other.

We spoke to a local florist to find out what business is looking like on what is usually one of their busiest day of the year.

“This is a Mother’s Day that’s gonna go in the record books. It’s off the charts as far as orders go. I’ve never seen a Mother’s Day like this before,” said Carl Larese, Owner of Larese Floral Design.

Larese added that in the week leading up to Mother’s Day close to 1,000 orders were placed. The store had to stop taking orders on Friday night.

We spoke to customers who were able to pick up flowers for Mother’s Day. Chris Motillo said that he ordered flowers for his mother, aunt and girlfriend’s mother.

“These women are very important in my life and they do a lot for me. This is just one way to show some appreciation for them,” said Chris Motillo, Customer buying flowers on Mother’s Day.

Another customer is showing appreciation for a new mother this Mother’s Day.

“We just had a child on March 9th, my beautiful son Cadyn, and I’m just trying to show her some appreciation,” said Aaron Burns, Customer buying flowers on Mother’s Day.

Owner of Lareese Floral Design said that despite some businesses entering the yellow phase, all flower orders have been picked up outside of the store for the safety of the staff and customers.

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