Lots of people made use of the sunny skies and reduced COVID restrictions to get some fresh air this holiday.

We went down to Presque Isle to see if there were many people out enjoying the COVID ease this Memorial Day.

We saw a lot of people down at the beaches. The people we spoke with said that they’re excited about the ease of restrictions.

The sound of the sizzling burgers, kids building sand castles, and skin showing at the beaches at Presque Isle calls for many people come out and observe Memorial Day.

It’s been a year since things weren’t normal because of COVID. Many visitors like Raylunn Chraston are spending time with family.

She said that last year she and her family didn’t have the opportunity to mark the holiday, but this year things are different.

“Seeing everyone here today just makes me happy. Like seeing people going back to normal, like we’re going back to the normal groove of things so,” said Raylynn Chraston, Visitor of Presque Isle.

Chraston’s family member said it’s nice to not be cooped up inside with worries about restrictions.

“But I’m happy to see people and being around people having fun and not everybody just being locked up in their houses,” said Christina Crummer, Visitor of Presque Isle.

Many people said that they feel everything is back to normal which makes their holiday plans a bit easier.

“All you do is get stuck at the house and really nothing to do, but the same old thing at least when you come out here, you can enjoy the beach, cookout and do something different,” said Julio Quinones, Visitor of Presque Isle.

Clearly many visitors were excited to be at Presque Isle and the people we spoke to said they hope others feel comfortable to do the same.