Erie residents are calling on officials to help make a change in Erie while continuing to celebrate Earth Day.

Residents shared poems to honor and celebrate Earth Day while listening to local children express their climate needs.

Organizers are asking legislators to carefully examine the climate and consider contributing to changes that could help with the ecosystem within their policies.

Students are sharing what it means to them to request for a change in Erie’s climate and potentially start a chain reaction for generations to come.

“It’s important to me because I want to see all the kids grow up and become something that they want to be,” said Teajaanae Johnson, Student.

“It just needs that. We’re just trying to reach out for our council and legislators to focus on stuff we need to help improve the quality of the Earth,” said Makiah Ramsey, Student.

Organizers said that they will continue carrying on their Earth Day celebrations in the years to come and allow residents to voice their needs.