Erie residents celebrate Memorial Day weekend

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The beautiful weather this Memorial Day weekend is bringing people outside for a change.

Here is an update on how Erie residents are celebrating and staying socially distant this holiday weekend.

The weather and the holiday weekend are bringing people to Presque Isle State Park this weekend.

Visitors have been informed to bring a mask and to remain six feet apart from other groups.

Residents as well as tourists are celebrating Memorial Day Weekend at Presque Isle State Park.

One family from Ohio said they were happy to hear that beaches are open to the public.

“I called to make sure it was okay and they said absolutely you can come to the beach just bring a mask with you, social distance and don’t go in the water,” said Athena Wallace, Presque Isle State Park visitor.

Wallace’s daughter said that spending time with her family outside means a lot to her after spending so much time indoors.

“It means a lot just to still be able to be with family and be able to go places like that are like open and everything instead of it being closed and not being able to go anywhere,” said Isabella Wallace, Presque Isle State Park Visitor.

Another local family said that they picked a less crowded beach to visit.

“We just came down to this beach because they’re weren’t as many cars down here other than that I mean we still try to stay away from larger crowds,” said Kristen White, Presque Isle State Park Visitor.

White said that this beach may be less crowded because of the amount of drift wood.

“I can’t believe how much wood has drifted up here. I mean I don’t know if they’re not moving now to lessen the crowds or to keep people away,” said White.

Despite the debrie, families and members of the community are saying they’re fortunate to have Presque Isle Park as a place to enjoy Memorial Day Weekend.

“It’s great to be out. It’s obviously a beautiful day and we’re blessed and so lucky to have this resource here in Erie of you know Presque Isle State Park,” said Rick Gotkin, Presque Isle State Park Visitor.

Gotkin added that he also appreciates those who have fought for this country.

“Thank the men and women of all the services for keeping us safe and protected and let’s not lose sight of the meaning of Memorial Day,” said Gotkin.

That’s right, it’s important to honor those who have fought for this country on this Memorial Day.

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