Erie residents concerned about the condition of Perry Monument

Local News

Some people in the community think that Perry monument at Presque Isle State Park is in need of repair.

We spoke to park officials who are assessing the situation and will have more information tomorrow.

We spoke to people at the park on Sunday who want to see the monument fixed up.

One Erie couple wants to see the monument the way it was before with the lights and the water fountain.

“I hope they repair it because it is such a beautiful sight. To see the other side with the bricks falling off it’s kind of like it’s disturbing,” said Khalifah Muhamnad, Erie Resident.

“My hopes for the monument is that one they would put the water back in and clean it out you know. It’s a beautiful sight to see it up and running like it use to be,” said Erika Muhamnad, Erie Resident.

We reached out to Presque Isle State Park, but no one was available to comment.

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