Drivers have the ability to save at the pump for a limited time this holiday weekend.

Gas is under $4 a gallon at a local Sheetz.

That’s not typically something many of us would have been expecting for this time last year when gas was about $3.24 a gallon.

Here in Erie however, these prices seem like a bargain. Sheetz will be discounting prices on gas, but only for a limited time.

“I am heading out right now to go get gas before it runs out of gas,” said Kelly Books, Erie Resident.

Drivers were lined up at the Sheetz on Perry Highway waiting to fill up.

Sheetz lowered the prices for 88 unleaded to $3.99 a gallon and E85 flex fuel to $3.49 a gallon.

“I think it’s really kind of a cool deal for Sheetz to do this for the Fourth of July holiday. It’s really something people need because prices have gone up,” said Edward Sitter, Erie Resident.

Not all cars can take this type of gasoline. It has been advised that drivers check their car manuals before they leave for the pump.

“I’ll head over. My car takes flex fuel although I’ve never put it in so why not,” said Jessica Dorman, Waterford Resident.

Before waiting in line, make sure that you are at the right pump. Some indicators include the blue and yellow handles for flex fuel and unleaded 88.

“Well we certainly need it. All of us are suffering one way or another. For me I’m traveling four times a week 85 miles, so it makes a difference,” said Rachel Cheeseman, Erie Resident.

These prices are only at select locations that have those two types of gasolines.

In Erie, the only place that has the discounted gas is the Sheetz on Perry Highway across the street from Presque Isle Downs and Casino.

“I just can’t believe that it is just this cheap. I think it’s a great gift for the upcoming holiday. I can’t believe it is this cheap for the upcoming holiday,” said Frank Ferraro, Erie Resident.

People are taking advantage of the prices while saying that it is worth the drive.

“It’s a little further up than I’d really like to travel, but you can’t beat the price right now,” said Cassie Hamilton, Erie Resident.

Sheetz will continue the discounted prices through the Fourth of July weekend.

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Now the other Sheetz that are offering this discount include the one on Smock Highway in Meadville, and the one on Central Avenue in Titusville.