Erie residents flock to Presque Isle to enjoy record breaking October temperatures

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It was a beautiful summer afternoon today, even though it is late October.

People from all around the Erie area getting out and about Friday for a summertime flashback.

On Presque Isle, the beaches were enjoying visitors who made their way to the shore.

The trails were filled with people enjoying the sunshine whether walking or biking.

“It’s nice to come out and get some fresh air, enjoying the weather and the scenery, get a nice walk before the snow hits and enjoy the last days of warm weather.” said Renne Bebell.

“We started biking this summer just for the exercise and just for the view and the awesomeness of Presque Isle and we don’t have too many more days left. We’re taking advantage of every single one that we can get in.” said Kevin Tomlin.

The previous record high for Friday was 79 degrees. It was broken earlier Friday afternoon.

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