Erie residents in historical neighborhoods concerned about the impact of proposed zoning ordinance

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Some Erie residents are concerned about a proposed zoning ordinance that may impact their property rights in certain historical neighborhoods.

We took a look at both sides of the issue ahead of the final vote taking place tomorrow morning.

Neighbors want clear answers as to what this proposed ordinance would mean for homeowners in historic neighborhoods.

Today we talked to a resident with a historic home and a council member to get some answers.

Erie’s millionaire row is filled with many historical houses built in the 1800s.

Some residents in this Cherry Street neighborhood are worried that a new zoning ordinance may impact them.

“Our concern here in the neighborhood is that it gives the city a credible amount of power to designate any neighborhood in the historic district,” said Tom Maggio, Resident.

This concerned homeowner said that he is afraid the ordinance may give council the authority to assign rules.

So the question is does council have a say on what homeowners can or cannot do to their historical homes?

“So what we’re trying to do is create a preservation plan so we can help preserve these neighborhoods, preserve these structures, and find resources for the property owners to help maintain these structures,” said David Brennan, Councilman, City of Erie.

City Council Member David Brennan said that the goal is to have property owners understand the importance of preserving Erie’s history.

“We’re hoping to work with neighborhoods and property owners to put in a overlay district so it would protect their neighborhood,” said Brennan.

Homeowners may agree with saving Erie’s history, but insist the city would need to invest in these historic neighborhoods.

“I do agree we should save these buildings, but we can do that with tax credits, low interest loans, and technical assistance,” said Maggio.

City Council members will vote on this ordinance on Wednesday.

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