It is happening across the country and around the world. It is the Global Climate Strike and millions are taking part in it today from the streets of Washington D.C., Paris, the Untied Kingdom, South America and more.

This is all an effort to show unity of cause among people around the world and their concern for the climate and how it will affect coming generations.

The climate strike is even making its presence known right here, in our corner of the world.

Since 10 a.m. this morning, people have gathered around the City of Erie, all sharing one cause.

Event organizers says they hope to gain attention from key leads around the Erie region to make climate change a cause they are aware of.

With signs and chants, demonstrators made their way around the City of Erie, first stopping at the Erie Art Museum, then making their way to Perry Square.

Co-Organizer Makayla Alicea of the Green New Deal Coalition says she hopes this move helps everyone in the long run.

“You can have your own opinions, but the facts are happening. That is okay if you don’t believe it, but we’re going to address it and you’re going to benefit from us addressing it,” said Makayla Alicea, Green New Deal.

Marchers made their way to key buildings around the city to places like City Hall, in hopes of catching the attention of political leaders.

“Not only are there Erie citizens that vote you in that are saying we need to address climate crisis, but we’re also presenting viable solutions. This is 100 percent doable,” said Alicea.

“This is awesome. This is great. I’m very excited about it. We’re 100 percent supportive of what is going on here,” said Mayor Schember.

Cheryl Sandberg is one of the hundreds showing up in support of the strike.

Sandberg says as a grandmother, she is worried about the future of the environment for not only herself, but her grand kids, adding that she has noticed the movement growing over the last couple of years.

“There is much more of a movement. You’re seeing today, world-wide, there are people marching, so that is very encouraging,” said Sandberg.

The event goes on until 8 p.m. in Perry Square. A few hundred people came out in Erie for the march.