Erie Residents Raise Concern Over Nightly Fireworks

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Many look at fireworks as a way to celebrate, but not everyone is happy with fireworks after hearing them go off every night for weeks.

Within the city, fireworks are prohibited within 150 feet of an occupied structure, but many Erie residents say that is not stopping people from setting these off every day, at all hours of the night.

Erie residents are raising concerns about sleepless nights some are having due to people illegally lighting fireworks within the city.

“They were shooting ariel fireworks off over top of my house, I thought my house was gonna catch on fire,” says Erie resident Felicia Hall.

“I jumped out of bed, because I thought I was going to have a heart attack, because it just sounded like a bomb,” said Erie resident Penny Hanes.

Not only is this impacting those who are trying to get some sleep, but also young children, pets and veterans who suffer from PTSD.

“It’s not the little ones that you set off in the street, they’re the big ones that go 20 feet in the air,” said Erie resident Anna Gregoroff-Milewski.

“We have a dog who is absolutely terrified and has an anxiety attack every time it happens, we have another cat who we found as a stray who is terrified of massive noises.”

The uptick in firework use is also racing concerns for the Erie fire department, especially when looking into how much damage these could potentially cause.

“Depending on the wind it could be catasrophic,” said City of Erie Chief Fire Inspector Darren Hart.

“If you catch a house on fire from fireworks and you have a stiff wind that could take out a city block. We have not seen that yet thankfully, but that’s always a possibility.”

And in order to keep the possibility away from a reality, one resident said she would like to see more police enforcement.

“I think they need more police out definitely, but I do think they need to limit the days, I really do and I don’t see any reason this can’t happen,” Hanes said.

You can be fined for setting off fireworks if police cite you and the city says the use of fireworks is also prohibited on the city of Erie property, which includes local parks.

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