Erie residents react to Darion Eady’s overturned conviction

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Community members in a west side Erie neighborhood are still shaken by shootings that left Elijah Jackson and Shakur franklin dead in 2015.

“Seen all these kids running down here going crazy, scared to death,” said Bob Strop. Stroup has lived in that neighborhood for 17 years. “Back in my day, you settled stuff with your hands and not with guns,” said Stroup. Jackson’s alleged killer, Darion Eady could be a free man after his conviction was overturned on Wednesday. That is bringing back painful memories for Stroup and his neighbors. “If it was one of their relatives, I bet you they’d be telling whoever it was to give the evidence up, whoever it was because it could happen again,” said Jason Ruffley. Ruffley says people need to speak up if they know anything about who killed Jackson. 

One neighbor says the shooting has had a lasting impact on the community. “I know the neighbors up and down the street are all saying the same thing,” said Rick Evans. “Everybody’s talking and so everybody was impacted by this.” Like Stroup, Evans is a longtime resident in the neighborhood. “Everyone is on edge and so you hear a car backfiring out and it’s like what’s happening here and this is an ongoing thing,” said Evans. 

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