Erie residents react to May snow showers and record low temperatures

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Erie takes a step closer to winter with more snow this evening and record low temperatures also in the forecast.

Many residents aren’t scared by the snow. It’s common well into April, but May 8th has some people saying that enough is enough!

“It’s Erie, you know what I mean, it’s Erie, PA! It’s May 8th and it was snowing earlier.” said Robert Nelson.

This is how many locals are reacting to snow this late in the year, saying this comes with living in Erie.

“This is Erie. You know, its supposed to be like summer and nice weather. But, it’s snowing now.” said Khalid Almatrafi, a student at Gannon University. He says that he’s not surprised that it’s snowing so close to what would have been his graduation day. However, other residents are, well, over it.

“Just got off of one job, going to another and I’m kind of tired of this weather. This weather doesn’t help at all, like, it’s supposed to be springtime and it feels like winter time. I don’t like it.” said John Jones.

One Erie County resident says hes new to the area and though the weather comes as a surprise, he actually likes it when it snows, even in May.

“I kind of enjoy the snow, we just came from Georgia where it is real hot. I’m kind of relishing this opportunity right now, but I’m perfectly fine. I can be fine in any type of weather.” said Trevor Woods.

And temperatures are dropping into the low 30s this evening. These could be record low temperatures for tomorrow at risk.

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