The passing of Queen Elizabeth II is impacting people all around the world and some with close ties to home here in Erie.

Queen Elizabeth II was England’s longest-reigning monarch with a tenure spanning over seven decades.

During that time, she stood as a consistent figure of permanence and stability.

Even people locally are feeling the after-effects. None more so than Mercyhurst soccer’s head coach, who is a native of the UK.

“She always managed to be optimistic even on rainy days. Even when things weren’t going great, there was always a reason for optimism. There was always a united like ‘us against the world’ in many ways and we’re always stronger together than we are separated. I’ll definitely remember that,” said Ryan Osborne, Mercyhurst men’s soccer coach.

Osborne said that the queen traditionally addresses the nation on January 1st of every year to give hope to the people. He notes that when that time comes again, it will be a change for many.

Queen Elizabeth has been an international icon beyond her monarchy duties, and many looked up to her.

“It’s never easy, let alone to be a female leader back then when there probably wasn’t too many in such high rank, so I think she’s definitely been a patron of that change. It’s a day that you never expect to come when she’s been at the head of the monarchy for so long. She’s meant so much to so many both nationally and internationally,” said Osborne.

One former Erie resident noted how consistent Queen Elizabeth was as a leader.

“Her reign had no scandal in all those years. She played the role straight. I think she was the essence of what it means to be a queen. I think the whole British populous is proud of her, and I think most of us were too.” said John Free, former Erie resident.

Memorial services are happening worldwide to commemorate the life of Queen Elizabeth. Her son Charles will assume the throne in her place.