Erie residents react to State of the Union address

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Many people are talking about President Donald Trump’s State of the Union speech last night.

President Trump hit points such as low unemployment and a strong economy. But, it was now without drama. Before his speech, he appeared to snub a handshake from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. After the speech, she ripped up a copy of his speech.

“She was going with her political beliefs,” said Erie resident Paul Carpenter. “If she felt that strongly. It’s definitely out of the ordinary. She was letting people know that she feel strongly about her role in what she is coming from.”

Erie resident Danny Martell likes what the President has to say.

“I support him 100% and me being a veteran myself, I like what he’s doing and he is one of the few Presidents that has kept his word for what he is going to do.”

Later, Pelosi explained that “Trump shredded the truth, so I shredded the speech.”

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