Erie residents react to the city’s new reduced snowfall record

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If you lived in Erie last winter then you experienced the epic snow storm that happened during Christmas time.

It was said that Erie had around 198.5 inches of snow last year, but  a new report shows that total was actually 166.3 inches. 

“I was surprised, very surprised because I remember driving on Christmas morning to my mother-in-law’s and it was a lot of snow,” said Theresa Mastrey, Erie resident.

Mastrey says she was disappointed when she heard the news of the Erie’s adjusted snowfall total. Mastrey  wasn’t the only one upset by this total, even the mayor shared his disappointment live on JET 24. 

“I was so excited that we had set such a big record and I wanted to break Buffalo’s record too,” said Mayor Joe Schember. “All we needed was one more inch according to the original findings and it’s disappointing that was revised and apparently not for good reasons.”

While the snow measurements that were taken at the Erie International Airport were deemed to be incorrect, even some people from out of town say they were shocked when they heard that news.

“I don’t know how you make that big of a difference or not figure it out until now,” said Travis Coble, Cranberry Township resident.

Coble says he kept up to date about Erie’s winter last year since it seemed to be a unique snowfall record.”I was following it because the record all year and I was just amazed when you told me that it was even close to 198 inches,” said Coble. 

While this new total came as a disappointment for some people, others hope the snow total stays low this winter. 

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