Erie residents voice importance of voting in June primary

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Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar encourages all Pennsylvanians to make sure they are registered to vote by the deadline on Monday for the June primary election.

JET 24 Action News spoke with a few Erie residents to hear their thoughts on how important it is to get out there and vote.

“I just really think its important for our young people to get out there and vote.” said Barbara Minnichi.

It’s the year of voting and the older generation are hoping that the younger generation know how important it is to vote.

“You can’t complain if you don’t get out there and vote, so that is your right and a lot of people fought for that right and you need to uphold that right.” said Barbara Duchini.

Many say that the younger generation should realize it is their right and privilege to go out and vote.

“It’s really up to the young people now to take that up and take over and get involved in politics. They’ve got the world ahead of them.”

The older generation is not the only ones encouraging to vote.

“I mean, we live in a democracy and the whole point of it is having our voice heard and voting is the best way to have your voice heard.” said Tori Purchase.

17-year old Purchase says one of the biggest issue her generation has, is not knowing enough about what’s going on in our government and how important it is to cast a ballot.

“Definitely go out and learn and figure out what you believe in, not just because of what someone believes in or your parents in, but actually learn about what’s happening.” Purchase said.

It’s not too late to register to vote for the June 2 primary election.

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