Erie residents are weighing in on the gas price decline in Erie and if it will impact their holiday travel plans.

A spokesman from AAA gave some advice for drivers taking to the roads for the holiday.

We went to Sheetz in Summit Township for more on what residents are saying and what is happening at the pumps during the decline.

All eyes are on crude oil as gas prices in Erie dropped by five cents for the first time in weeks. Residents are taking to the roads for the holiday.

Gas prices are now $4.94 a gallon in Erie, according to AAA Spokesperson Tiffany Stanley.

The factor in this price drop is crude oil.

“This is due to the dip in crude oil. Last week we saw the lowest that we’ve seen in over a month at $102 per barrel for crude,” said Tiffany Stanley, Spokesperson for AAA East Central.

The price for crude oil is 50-60% of what drivers see at the pumps, and AAA said that they will continue to monitor crude oil before drivers take to the roads for the the Fourth of July holiday.

Stanley shared tips for drivers traveling this holiday.

“Before you go on a long trip definitely make sure that you check your fluids, check your battery and your tires. The main key with conserving gas prices is slowing down. Anytime you drive over 50 miles per hour you are making that engine work a lot harder, so that’s also really important as well,” said Stanley.

While residents are happy about the recent decline, most of them said that it won’t impact their overall travel plans.

“We wouldn’t be going 500, 600, 700 miles. Probably just Ohio or something like that, New York which isn’t bad. It’s just still, it’s just totally unnecessary to be like this,” said David Kuchcinski, Erie resident.

“I would take a train. That’s the only way to go safely anyway in my opinion,” said Collis Allen, Erie resident.

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Residents are happy about the five cent drop in gas prices, but they believe the price of gas is still too high.