The Super Bowl and Valentine’s Day, these two special days have almost nothing in common.

They may have nothing in common, but they do share two things. One, it’s a busy day for restaurants and two, they fall on the same week.

The NFL Super Bowl and Valentine’s Day are clashing this week, landing on consecutive days. Valentine’s Day is considered the second busiest day of the year for restaurants, just behind Mother’s Day. That means the prepping has had to start a week in advanced.

Valerio’s Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria on West 32nd Street has made plenty of time for themselves to prepare for the big days. The Italian restaurant has taken the time to assemble their most popular items which are wings, pizza, and subs while portioning sauces including their famous ranch.

The staff has also been busy taking a substantial amount of pre-orders.

The staff manager of the pizzeria said they have not had any trouble ordering food, although the cost has gone up due to supply and demand. She said this issue will not stop Valerio’s from serving their customers and there’s no need to worry about food turning short.

“I hope everything will go smooth and we’re prepped, we’re ready,” said Jenee Black, Shift Manager at Valerio’s Italian Restaurant.

One local waitress said last year was a struggle due to the pandemic, but this year they’re ready for a big crowd and their prepped.

“The dining room was a little slow. They were slammed out there. It went good, it went great,” said Carrie Amamn, waitress at Valerio’s.

“It’s always fun when it gets really busy and chaotic. But it’s fun. We enjoy it.” Jenee Black went on to say.

“February is always kind of a slow month so, spring is just around the corner. We have a great staff here great people,” Amamn said.

Once you get your wings for tomorrow, the manager said to not forget to come back to take your significant other on another tasty date.