Erie RV show and Sport Expo underway at Bayfront Convention Center

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For the first time in about a year, a major event is back in action on Erie’s Bayfront.

The Erie RV Show and Sport Expo is underway at the Bayfront Convention Center.

A sense of normalcy many have been waiting for.

“I’m honestly surprised they had it. I came last year here before COVID started. It’s wonderful to get out and be able to see it.” said Bill Ward.

For the first time in about a year, the Bayfront Convention Center is welcoming back visitors for the RV and Sport Expo. The 12th annual event looks different this time around. Tickets must be purchased in advance and there will not be any seminars to eliminate mass gatherings.

Vendors are asked to wipe down the RVs after each family goes inside.

“The units are all wiped down, the dealers are doing that. Every once in a while they’ll be spraying inside.” said Mark Concilla, show promoter.

Planning for the first major event is extensive. Erie show promoters meeting with the health department to include CDC guidelines and social distancing measures.

“We’ve come pretty much the last three years and we’re really looking forward to getting out and about. This is the first event we’ve been to.” said Eric Youngquist, a resident of Russell Pa.

Visitors are also being asked to check their temperatures upon arrival and go into the RV one family at a time.

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