Erie School Board awards bids for $10 million Collegiate Academy project

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The Erie School District officials take steps to reshape two high profile properties tonight. Tonight, the school board members talk about tearing down the former Roosevelt Middle School and major improvements to Collegiate Academy.

School board officials telling us they’re modernizing Erie’s Public Schools. Among the steps they took tonight were approving the contract for asbestos inspection before Roosevelt is torn down.

The 98-year old Roosevelt Middle School will soon be demolished. This comes after a proposed demolition that is scheduled to take place this October. Some longtime patrons are already asking to keep a piece of the school.

“We’ve heard from some community members that were asking to get a piece of old Roosevelt, so we’ll develop what that looks like. The hope is maybe we’ll be able to save some of the bricks and sell those to the community members.” said Neal Brokman, Executive Director of Operations.

This comes one day after the district released photos, giving the public an inside look at the deterioration of Roosevelt. In addition, the school board is looking to salvaging anything from the building that could be reused in years to come.

The school board also awarded bids for the $10 million project to upgrade Northwest Pennsylvania Collegiate Academy.

“We’ll make the structural repairs to the promenade that we know it needs, putting a new roof on the building, we know it will ensure the walls and everybody inside will be safe for another 30 years.” Brokman added.

Four local companies were awarded contract work on Collegiate Academy for general, electrical and plumbing work. A $10 million renovation project to Collegiate Academy would help continue the growth and success of the student’s futures ahead.

“For them to come back in and have two new gyms and then there will be a central area for them to have dance classes and other things. It’s going to be a very big plus for that building” Brokman said.

Renovations for Collegiate Academy are scheduled to begin in March. During the meeting, members also saying they are looking to preserve the look of Collegiate Academy in order to preserve its historic meaning

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