Erie School Board discusses possible renovations to all district facilities

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All 22 Erie School District facilities could be seeing some much needed upgrades in the future. 

“I think that a lot of parents have concerns about their children being safe and comfortable in the schools and the classrooms,” said Eric Seibert, director of maintenance and facilities. “I think that they’ll be excited we’re going to be doing some things to the school to make them better for their educational opportunity.” 

School officials say these discussions on improvements can finally be had due to the district’s financial boost made by the state. “The state that we were in before we received the additional funds from the state, we certainly wouldn’t of had money available to do a lot of what we’re planning on doing,” said Seibert.

The Erie School Board brought in architects from the Pittsburgh area to present tentative renovation plans. “They need a significant amount of work, from top to bottom, structural work, roofing work, temperature control, HVHC work, safety issues,” said Greer Hayden with HHSDR Architects and Engineers.

The first phase of the renovations, if approved, will cost around $80 million and start at the end of the school year. The renovations would last over a three year span. 

It’s projected that Erie High Renovation cost will be the highest coming in at around $27 million. 

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