Erie School Board discusses reopening plan during heated meeting

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A spike in COVID-19 cases within the county leaves the Erie School Board and Erie School District’s Superintendent questioning the upcoming school year.

This comes during a heated school board meeting as the school year nears.

A surge in COVID-19 cases could leave more than 11,000 students to the only option of learning online this school year.

During tonight’s school board meeting, Superintendent Biran Polito expressed his thoughts on other learning options.

Unanswered questions about the fate of the upcoming school year leaves many Erie School Board members heated.

During the school board meeting that took place on Wednesday August 5th, Superintendent Brian Polito expressed approval of a revised re-opening plan. This was made necessary by the discovery of ventilation problems in five Erie School District buildings.

“Most of our ventilation issues are really at the middle and high school level. We are going to make every effort to try to adjust those. I’m not optimistic for short term,” said Polito.

Polito recommends the district to delay the first day of school to September 8th for elementary students. Middle and high school students could continue classes until 2021.

School Director Tom Spagel said that the changes are unnecessary.

“I think we are doing our children a huge disservice by not providing them the opportunity them to the capabilities,” said Spagel.

These possible changes are causing frustration, just weeks before students head back to class online and on campus.

“Every question that I asked had nothing to do with my general opinion. These are all things that need to be known by families, the community and the students,” said Angela McNair, School Director of Erie School District.

Teachers would live stream online lessons if ventilation problems are not fixed before school starts.

The board is expected to vote on the revisions of the re-opening plan during it’s next regulary scheduled school board meeting on August 12th.

Another week gone by leaving thousands of parents questioning what to do and how to prepare for the next few weeks.

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