Erie School Board rejects recommendations

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A pair of votes by the Erie School Board leave the state with the option of taking over the district, if they want to make that move.

Both votes were on changes recommended by the state appointed financial administrator. The recommendations are part of the financial improvement plan mandated after the district was given an extra $14 million a year in state funding.

One of them was a change to bidding policies which was defeated 7 to 1. The other was a request to get prices for outsourcing custodial work and it also failed to pass.

“The financial plan included that as an option to help reduce taxes, so we’re going to have to go back to the drawing board and find other ways to reduce our taxes below 3.8%.” said Brian Polito, Erie School Superintendent.

According to Polito, the financial recovery law allows a takeover of board powers if the state approved plan isn’t followed.

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