Erie Schools to work with Erie Rise, with deadline

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It appears Erie Rise Leadership Academy will get a chance to reach compromise with the Erie School District.

During Wednesday evening’s meeting of the Erie school board, a resolution was approved giving the two sides until November 13th to develop a plan allowing the Erie Rise charter to be renewed.

Erie school superintendent Brian Polito read a joint statement from the administration and the board.

In that statement, Polito said the district “…would be willing to investigate the crafting of a second Improvement Plan for Erie Rise…”

That plan would likely apply a charter school evaluation framework developed by the Philadelphia School District, not only for Erie Rise, but for all charter schools chartered by the Erie district.

The Philadelphia plan also includes what’s called a Surrender Clause, forcing under performing charter schools to close if they don’t meet agreed-upon benchmarks by certain dates.

“The board set the deadline of November 13th because that’s the last meeting with our current board. They’re the ones that went through the hearing process and they thought it was important that they made that decision,” said Brian Polito, Superintendent, Erie School District.

The school board voted against a charter renewal for Erie Rise back in April.

Terry Lang, CEO of Erie Rise released a statement regarding the charter school, “Although there are items that will require intense negotiations/collaboration, I think this is a step in the right direction. I have been working with Mr. Brokman for 4-years and Superintendent Polito over the last year. We all agree that Scholars are at the center of what we do in education. I look forward to working to craft a equitable agreement with our Solicitor/Atty. Fitzpatrick, Neal Brokman, Superintendent Polito & ESD’s legal representation. With 2 major items unresolved, we are excited at Erie Rise!”

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