Erie School District discusses outsourcing custodial services

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The Erie School District discussed outsourcing custodial services because of the potential savings. According to the district, a low bid can save the district around $2 million.

This is all according to the revised numbers shown by superintendent Brian Polito. The district predicted a lesser amount of savings based on a preliminary reading on Monday.

The Erie School District will be saving around $1.8-2.2 million each year after janitorial outsourcing. This according to superintendent Brian Polito who presented the recalculated numbers at Wednesday’s Erie School Board meeting.

“We did have two bidders, one bidder did propose a structure that would reduce our staff by about 13 full time positions.” Polito said.

Another bid proposed an increase in staffing and would cost the school district around $900,000.

“That’s over our current in house cost, so the next steps right now will be to get together our evaluation committee and we’ll take a deep dive into both proposals.” Polito said.

The district will meet with both organizations and hopefully come back with a recommendation in the next several weeks. Also at the meeting, taxes were discussed.

Polito added that in the future, tax increases will not exceed more than 4 percent and the board agreed with that unanimously. But, regarding the possible outsourcing, the district’s director of operations added that there is still a lot to think about.

“We’ll do a deep analysis to determine if what was proposed was acceptable and move forward.” said Neil Brokman.

According to the district, the total cost for full time custodial employees each year is $5.4 million. The school board said custodians and custodial supervisors are unionized.

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