Erie School District finalized their strategic plan

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After numerous meetings and lots of planning, the Erie School District approved their strategic plan Wednesday night.

“We had very significant community input on this plan,” said Superintendent Brian Polito. “We had a core team of over a hundred people consisting of stakeholders from parents to students to teachers that really put this plan together.”  Polito says this strategic plan will be a road map that drives the district’s educational and budgetary decisions. “We have five goals, one of them is success in the early years on one end, and on the other end is a diploma in every hand,” said Polito. “So, we’re really looking on that end to really increase our graduation rate and hopefully over the next couple of years get that up to 100 percent.”

The school district has to also approve the financial recovery plan. They received 14 million dollars from the state. “The focus is trying to ensure that not only is the money well spent, but that the district is put on a stable financial footing going forward,” said Charles Zogby, financial administrator. “That’s what our goal is.” 

The state appointed Zogby to be the financial administrator for the Erie School District. This came as a condition of that extra money from the state and after years of multi-million dollar deficits.”Hopefully going forward, we can put together a plan that’s going to not go back to those days,” said Zogby. “But forward where we can make some improvements and build on the work that’s been done.” Polito also got a five year extension as the superintendent of the Erie School District.  

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