Erie School District looking at outsourcing janitorial staff as a way to save money

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The Erie School District is on an ongoing mission to save and make money. 

This time around, the district’s state appointed financial adviser Charles Zogby says outsourcing the custodial services could help. “I’m looking at potential options to generate some additional savings,” said Zogby. “As I said a couple of weeks ago at a board meeting, that’s one I’m potentially looking at.”

Zogby doesn’t have the exact number of what outsourcing could save the Erie School District, but he did refer to the Millcreek School District’s proposal to outsource their custodial staff. “It’s ball park the potential savings there at about $600,000,” Zogby added. 

Despite looking for ways to save money, the district is moving forward with its $80 million plan to  renovate all the school buildings. Plus, there is still talk of a tax raise by the district. “Whether the district undertakes a facilities plan or not, at least what I’m looking at, the reality it’s likely going to have to raise taxes and it’s really a question of how much,” said Zogby. 

While Zogby says a tax increase is a strong possibility for the future, school board president Frank Petrunger says he wants to avoid that if they can. “I think we have to try and find some other way that we can do it and not put the burden on the tax payers,” said Petrunger.

Petrunger added that they are investing the 80 million into schools so students have a safe and warm place to learn. 

The school district has to until June of 2019 to finalize a budget.

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