Erie School District officials discuss plan to get high school students back in the classroom in a safe way

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Tonight Erie School Officials discussed a plan to get high school students back in the classroom in a safe way.

In tonight’s virtual board meeting, members with the school district and school board are looking to provide as much in person support to students that are falling behind.

More than 100 seniors will be back in the classroom by March 1st. Erie School District Superintendent Brian Polito says these are students that are struggling to pass.

“We have about 140 seniors combined between Collegiate Academy and Erie High that are struggling with online learning and we want to make sure that they are able to complete their coursework and graduate on time,” said Brian Polito, Erie School District Superintendent.

Starting on Friday, the district will send out surveys to parents of high school students.

“Just to get a gauge on how many students would want to return in the fourth quarter, if we are able to offer hybrid instruction. From there, we will start planning on what we can do.” Polito said.

Polito says the goal is to return all high school students to a hybrid schedule by April 7th.

“We know that the best place for students is in the classroom with their teachers. We have made the best of the remote learning through this part of the school year, but we are moving ahead to try to bring these students back as safely as possible.” Polito said.

Erie School Board Member Tom Spagel said that it is essential to get students back in the classroom as soon as possible.

“It’s simple, our students are failing and we need to make sure that all students have all the opportunities available to get properly educated and the remote system has proven to not do well for our students,” said Tom Spagel, Erie School Board Director.

Last week the school board sent out surveys to middle school parents.

Board member Spagel said about a third of parents want students to return to hybrid learning.

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