Erie School District Solicitor belittles Erie Rise students, later apologizes

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The second hearing for the discussion of Erie Rise’s Charter Renewal was held at East Middle School, but it was not the hearing that caused an issue, rather a remark made by the Erie School District’s Solicitor.

The CEO of the school stated that an article in the newspaper put a negative impact on the kids that attended Erie Rise, which in turn can have a negative impact on their test scores.

The Solicitor for the Erie School District, Tim Sennet, then responded with a comment saying “Looking at the test scores, I don’t think your students can read a newspaper.”

After that, the response from the audience said it all. Parents who have kids at the school expressed their hurt over the comment, and demanded an apology.

The Erie School District’s Solicitor eventually apologized, but some said that’s not good enough.

“Well, he apologized after he was prompted to do so by the audience. It took a prompt to make him have an apology. I’m sorry that it took that prompt. I think Erie Rise is going in a good direction, presenting their evidence that the children are succeeding and try their very best to do well,” said Deborah Cole, son attends Erie Rise.

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