Erie School District talks shutting down high schools

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A packed house Monday night  for the Erie School Board meeting. Administrators discussing the possibility of shutting down all four district high schools. The district is facing a $10.3million deficit in 2016-2017. Six million dollars of that $10 million has already been cut, which leaves a $4.3 million dollar shortfall. 
Superintendent Dr. Badams and the Chief Financial Officer  presenting options to close that remaining budget gap. These including  eliminating art and music classes to save $ 2.1 million , eliminating all sports and extra-curricular activities saving $1.5 million, another cut, full-day kindergarten, saving $1.1 million . The district also proposes raising real estate taxes 3.7%, generating 1.4 million. The long term option is the closure of all four district high schools come the 2017- 2018 school year. 
All of the options Dr. Badams says are not ideal. He says the board does has the option of passing a budget that is not balanced, leaving the district in a $4.3 million deficit.  The district must have a proposed budget approved by May 25th, and the final budget must be approved June 30th. 

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