Erie School District to begin mandatory online classes

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Classes will be in session for Erie School District students beginning on April 20th.

All students will be required to take part in mandatory online classes. That decision is raising new questions tonight.

We spoke to students and parents about how this new way of learning could create challenges in the weeks to come.

Those parents and students we spoke to say it’s only a matter of time before there’s technical problems for their kids.

Classes will soon be back in session for students at Erie School District.

Beginning on April 20th, 11,000 students are expected to begin mandatory online classes.

Some students are already expressing their concerns about virtual learning.

“The transition between online school and going into school with all the other students. It’s been kind of tough. It’s kind of hard to get all your online assignments,” said Alex Gabbard a student at Strong Vincent.

The switch to mandatory online classes comes after Governor Tom Wolf closed all schools statewide indefinitely on Monday.

Brian Polito, superintendent for Erie School District says the district is working on providing families in need with Chrome Books and wifi access.

“We are looking at a long term solution with additional wifi hot spots across the city especially in neighborhoods where it’s needed,” said Polito.

The school district also looks to boost the wifi signal around area school buildings.

Parents we spoke to say that online classes could cause technical problems for students that have to complete classwork everyday.

“as far as the Chrome Books, they’ve had several appointments with families but it’s been kind of overwhelming for them. They’re trying to figure out new ways for the kids in the district to have that access,” said Amy Nordstrom, mother of a student.

Teachers will still be required to have virtual office hours to answer students questions about assignments.

“We want to make sure all of our students have access to these opportunities and are able to gain the skills they need,” said Polito.

Families that are still in need of a Chrome Book or internet access are asked to contact Erie School Districts IT department on April 6th.

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